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Main Street's life is as long as Louisville's. The city was born here and its original settlers first built their log homes on the street. Their defenses were on Main, the largest being Fort Nelson, constructed in 1782.

Most of the older buildings on Main Street were erected in the late 1800's. This was the Victorian Era when the decorative arts predominated, as evidenced by the intricately carved and decorated facades on Main. Stone and terra cotta carvings and designs in cast iron add visual excitement to the warehouse faces. Even the coal hole covers on the sidewalk are ornamental!

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dncrs_gold.gif (10865 bytes) In the early 1900's Louisvillians turned their backs on the river and virtually abandoned Main Street. Recently attention has focused on the riverfront and Main Street is experiencing a rebirth. The older building, remnants of Main Street's past life, are being revitalized in creative and exciting ways. Something's happening on Main Street. Discover it!

Hillerich and Bradsby's recently opened Louisville Slugger Museum is one of the favorite destinations on Main Street.

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