Sarah Roush: Paducah, Kentucky

Sarah Roush received a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from Northern Kentucky University in 1981 and a master of fine arts degree in printmaking from the University of Cincinnati in 1984. She has exhibited her work regularly dating back to 1982 and currently operates the Two Street Studio in Paducah.

Roush produces hand-built, low-fire ceramic sculptures. Because of her painting and printmaking background, she regularly uses low-fire glazes in much the same manner that one would paint. Her work is not concerned with utilitarian issues of pottery, and her forms, therefore, often fall between the areas commonly associated with sculpture and painting. Images based on underwater figures and colors allow a variety of metaphors to be explored within her work.

"There is an undeniable need to extend the painted surface, embody each piece with gesture and presence, to add a dimension, both physical and emotional to my creative image." - from Joe Molinaro's Pottery Tour of Kentucky



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