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Portland, Oregon

Containers have always intrigued me. I find Myself consistently wanting to open them all to see what is inside and I always anticipate finding something special. "Container Forms" #1 and #2 are the first of a series in which I plan to investigate the different ways we contain tangible and intangible things. These pieces open and may be used as a vessel for small objects that have special significance to the wearer. They may also serve as a container for that which we what to hold close to us such as our thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams. The open form of #1 and #2 allows for greater contact with the immediate environment - the viewer and the wearer. What was once perhaps hidden or buried away is now protected, but seen and shared.

All pieces are handmade of sterling silver and may contain bronze, brass, copper, small amounts of 14kK gold and semi-precious stones such as garnet, lapis and black onyx. Many of the impressions on the surface of the metal are a result of the process of stamping.

Container Form # 1, 1999 (top)

sterling, copper, brass, 2" x 2" x 1"      $1,500


Container Form # 2, 1999 (right)

sterling, copper, brass, garnet 2" x 1 1/4" x 1"   $1,550


Peggy's personalized tools for this process are custom made in her studio. Other techniques include piercing, various textural and engraving techniques, casting, shallow forming and bending, mechanical connections and hard solder construction. The artist's finish is achieved by filing, sanding, polishing, chemical oxidation and buffing with a soft abrasive. The end result is a soft finish with a pleasantly radiant glow.

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