Native American Craft Tradition in a Contemporary World

Exhibition Curator

Brion Clinkingbeard, MA
Deputy Director of Programming / Curator
Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery

In 1995, Brion Clinkingbeard came to the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation from the Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery in Plymouth, England, where he was responsible for the selection, organization and implementation of the historic and contemporary exhibition programs. Clinkingbeard has organized exhibitions such as Picasso Prints: 1904 - 1968; 70 Years on the Air: BBC Radio 1924 - 1994; and Cartier Museum Jewelry Exhibition. Clinkingbeard holds a master's degree of fine arts in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester.

Clinkingbeard resided in England from 1984 to 1995 and was formerly the Gallery Administrator at King's Lynn Art Center and the King's Lynn Festival. Prior to 1984, Clinkingbeard lived and worked in Colorado while earning his bachelor's degree in Sculpture and Art History from the University of Colorado.

As the Director of Exhibitions and Curator of the Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, Clinkingbeard will be responsible for researching, designing, and organizing all rotating and traveling exhibition programs for the Main Gallery and the Downstairs Gallery, giving lectures and coordinating interpretive programming related to exhibitions, and assisting with services to Kentucky craft artists.

Since joining the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation, Clinkingbeard has organized more than 50 exhibitions featuring the works of regional and national craft artists, including Bats and Bowls: A Celebration of Lathe-Turned Art and Millennium Glass: An International Survey of Studio Glass which is currently touring the United States. 


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