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Native American Craft Tradition in a Contemporary World


Marcus Amerman
Rick Bartow
Harvey A. Begay
Doug Coffin
Richard Danay
Tony Jojola
Clara Neptune Keezer
James Little
Rosemary "Apple Blossom" Lonewolf
Truman Lowe
David Neel
Verma Nequatewa
The Ortiz Family
Norbert Peshlakai
Wendy Ponca
Al Q÷yawayma
Diego Romero
Preston Singletary

Richard Zane Smith
Roxanne Swentzell
C. S. Tarpley
Tim Tiger
Margaret Wood
Nathan Youngblood

Tales of My Father's Youth
Polychrome bowl

Diego Romero (Cochiti Pueblo) mixes his native heritage with an urban upbringing in Berkeley, California, and education in Los Angeles to produce pottery which embraces ancient Greek and Mimbres cultures by placing them in 20th century settings - Mimbres warriors driving the L.A. freeway system, for example.

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