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Native American Craft Tradition in a Contemporary World


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Square Tower
Natural clay

Al Q÷yawayma (Hopi) is a second generation potter and sculptor, who produces ceramic pieces in high sculptural relief, of native clays, using a repoussÚ technique. His are "Minimalist" works, incorporating figurative elements, ranging from Native dancers to cliff dwellings, on the surface of the pot. A recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, he has worked with the Maori helping them reestablish ancient ceramic traditions and has served as a consultant to the Smithsonian Institute in identifying original clay sources used by ancient Hopi potters.

In addition, Q÷yawayma was co-founder and first Chairman of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and past Vice-Chairman of the Institute of American Indian Arts. He has used his degree in Mechanical Engineering to develop and patent Internal Guidance Systems.

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