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Native American Craft Tradition in a Contemporary World


Marcus Amerman
Rick Bartow
Harvey A. Begay

Doug Coffin
Richard Danay
Tony Jojola
Clara Neptune Keezer
James Little
Rosemary "Apple Blossom" Lonewolf
Truman Lowe
David Neel
Verma Nequatewa
The Ortiz Family
Norbert Peshlakai
Wendy Ponca
Al Q÷yawayma
Diego Romero
Preston Singletary
Richard Zane Smith
Roxanne Swentzell
C. S. Tarpley
Tim Tiger
Margaret Wood
Nathan Youngblood


Dog V
Mixed media, including carved wood

Rick Bartow (Yurok) was born and raised on the Oregon coast and still lives on land that belonged to his Yurok father. Bartow's sculptures are made from pieces of alder or cedar that he finds as he gathers firewood for his weekly sweat lodge, as well as from materials found on local beaches, and scrap-metal from boat yards. His inspirations come not only from his personal life and Yurok heritage, but from his travels abroad and his interaction with other native peoples, including the Ainu of Japan and the Maori of New Zealand. He uses a traditional crooked knife and many kinds of adzes of indigenous peoples (traded for on his world travels) to give his works texture and shadow.

"Working in this contemporary manner allows me to honor the portion of me that is Native American without being phony, without getting involved in things that are not mine and maybe are no longer, or that belong more to people who live more in the tribal situation.

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