Salad Servers by Michael Jerry Michael Jerry

Syracuse, NY

(left)   Salad Servers,       $1,395.00

sterling silver, 12" x 4 1/2" x 5/8"

(below) Handled Vessel   N.F.S.

sterling silver, lapis lazuli,  7" x 6 1/2" x 3"

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"These pieces evolved from many years of working with a great variety of metal for functional and aesthetic ends. I am motivated both by a continued exploration of the visual world I live in .Both these pieces are part of a series done in model form in paper and other easily worked materials. The challenge for me is in the translation from the model to the metal. In this instance, the vessel particularly, it was done rather direct. However, metal does not behave like paper. So preserving the gesture presented by the model can sometimes present new technical problems to solve."

Michael Jerry studied at the School for American Craftsmen of the Rochester Institute of Technology and Cranbrook Academy of Art for AAS, BFA and MFA degrees.

He is currently full professor of  art at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, where he has  been responsible for the Metalsmithing program since 1970.

Selcted Collections

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY; Museum of Contemporary crafts, New York, NY; Wustum Museum of Art, Racine, WI.

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