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“I like to give the wood its voice in my work, using it to its best advantage, trying not to overshadow it by imposing my hand on it.”

Robyn’s studio is nice and large. Big enough, in fact, to accommodate a forklift and allow her to comfortably wield a large chainsaw. Within that space she works to create sculpture that gently merges the curves of nature and the angular lines of geometry.

Robyn works with wood because it’s the best material to create the forms she’s looking for. She likes the way it works, the way it reacts to her tools, the way it smells. She looks for wood that has some character--bark inclusions or an intriguing figure--and works with it to create simple, un-busy forms and shapes.

Renwick Gallery, National Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
White House Collection of American Craft, Washington, DC
Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC
American Craft Museum, New York, NY
Fine Art Museum of the South, Mobile, AL
Decorative Arts Museum, Little Rock, AR