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Clifton Nicholson: A Retrospective

Friday, April 2  – Saturday, June 19, 2004


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with additional support from Pam and Brook Smith

After living and working in New York for 28 years, artist and jeweler Clifton Nicholson Jr. moved into "Roughwood", the southern Indiana home that he had designed for his parents, and turned it into his workshop and gallery.

Since 1990 he has been creating and marketing his jewelry and sculpture across the country, including stores such as Neiman-Marcus and Henri Bendel.

He is passionate about his work and inspired by the beauty of nature - both its flora and fauna – and these he reproduces in minute detail in silver, gold, bronze and precious and semi-precious stones.

This exhibition will be a retrospective look at the career of one of the region’s most significant artists, featuring work from his studio and the private collections of some of his most enthusiastic and supportive collectors.



Jewelry Design

Artistic Influences

In addition to his artistic work, Clifton Nicholson has established Roughwood Aviaries, dedicated to breeding some of the most fantastic birds in the world.

Roughwood Aviaries is the culmination of Clifton Nicholson's lifelong love affair with feathers and therefore birds. To him,  a feather is one of the most magical and mysterious objects on earth. The aviaries have evolved into an organization that works to establish color mutations in the pheasant family to which the peafowl belong. It takes many years and generations of inbreeding and out crossing to establish a new color mutation.