Purple Peacock Strutting                                                  Malay Great Argus Male  

 Roughwood Aviaries 

Roughwood Aviaries is the culmination of Clifton Nicholson's lifelong love affair with feathers and therefore birds. To him,  a feather is one of the most magical and mysterious objects on earth. The aviaries have evolved into an organization that works to establish color mutations in the pheasant family to which the peafowl belong. It takes many years and generations of inbreeding and out crossing to establish a new color mutation.

The Purple Peafowl was established solely through the efforts of Roughwood Aviaries. Buford Bronze, Peach, Opal and Charcoal have all been and continue to be major breeding projects. The Malay and Bornean Great Argus Pheasants are important programs here with 10 - 15 breeding birds.  Unlike the Malay, very few Bornean Great Argus exist in captivity outside Asia. They are working to establish the yellow and dark phase of the past. Two hundred has become a more workable number to keep for breeding purposes. This number includes peafowl, pheasants and Onagadori chickens (Japan's long-tailed fowl).

Roughwood is not a zoo. They do welcome serious peafowl and pheasant breeders. Small children and dogs are not welcome in the aviaries as many of the birds are one-of-a-kind and not replaceable.

As for the future, Clifton looks forward to raising Congo Peacock and Crested Argus at Roughwood and they continue to look for new color mutations wherever they might occur.