Traveling Craft Suitcases

Each suitcase is a traveling gallery which allows students to interact with the art works and, in some cases, the tools used to create them.  Lack of school or community resources for lengthy field trips need no longer be a barrier which keeps your students from experiencing the richness and variety of art and craft traditions in Kentucky.  With our suitcases, the art, along with everything you need to effectively present it to your students, comes to you!


The Folk Art suitcase comes with the following items:

Works of Art

Woman Carrying Buckets by Hugo Spencer, Set of Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Hugo Spencer, Ghost in a Coffin by Edd Lambdin, Fish by Jim Lewis, Possum by Lonnie Money, Snake by an Anonymous artist, Carved Chain by Donnie Hayes, and Roster by Carl McKenzie


The Spirit of Folk Art by Henry Glassie, Rechenka's Eggs, by Patricia Polacco, and various pages of Local Visions,  by Morehead State University


Local Voices, Morehead State University


Lesson plans, resources, and descriptions/discussion questions about each of the works of art.

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