Found Object Portraits

Read the following paragraph to your students and use the questions below to help generate ideas for the backside of this sheet.

  One of the projects you will be making when you visit the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation is a found object portrait.  Found objects are things that could be found around your house, neighborhood, or school.  Bottle caps, a jar lid, an old playing card, a button, a piece a yarn are examples of found objects.  Can you think of some examples of found objects?  When you create your portrait during the field trip you will use scraps of wood, and found objects to make the shape of a face.

  Letís think about the shapes on your face!

1. What shape are your eyes?



2. What is something that has a similar shape to your eyes or your eye balls?  (Think of shapes that are round or oval.)


3. What is the shape of your nose?


4. What is something that has a similar shape to your nose? 

(Think of shapes that are triangular.  Or round like your nostrils.)


5. What is the shape of your lips and teeth? (Does the shape change if you are surprised, happy, sad, or scared?)


6. What is something that has a similar shape to your lips and teeth? 

(Think of shapes that are rectangular, semicircular, and square.) 



Found Object Portraits


                                                        Brad Devlin


Look at the face.  What shapes do you see?  What do you think the shapes are made from?


Draw a face in the box below using found objects for the eyes, nose mouth, ears, and hair.













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