Folk Art at The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation

Look closely at these three pieces of art, then in small groups respond to the questions below.


              Marvin Finn                    Harold Mitchell                        Scott Scorboro


1.Look at the three pieces of art from the Folk Art in the Twenty First Century exhibit. What do they have in common with one another?



2.What materials do you think they are made from?



3.When you visit the Folk Art exhibit you will see other pieces of art that have been created using found objects, some of the found object might even look like junk to you!  Do you think junk can be turned into art? 



4.KACF is asking you to bring in some found objects to embellish the art you will be creating during your visit.  Can you think of five found objects and or pieces of junk you could bring with you to add to your art piece?  List your ideas.


Most of Folk Art is made by artists who are self-taught, that means they did not go to art school to learn how to be an artist.  When you come to see the Folk Art in the Twenty-First Century exhibit you will see some artwork that looks simple. It might look very different to the art you have seen in art museums or books.  You will also see very complex works of art!  In small groups discuss these questions.


1. Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought “I could do that!” or “What’s so great about that?”  What was it about the art that made you think that?  Was it messy, was it simple, did it look like a young child made it?


2. Have you ever seen art you did not like?  Close your eyes and think about the piece, what did you not like? 


 3.What do you think makes art “good”?  What makes art “bad”?


 4.Is it okay to like a piece of art that one of your friends might not like?  In order for art to be considered good does everyone have to agree that it is good?


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