Folk Art Vocabulary Words

We will use some of these words during the tour and workshop. 

Exhibit- A public display of works of art.  An Exhibit can also be called a show.

Folk Art-Art from “the people.”  Folk Art usually describes everyday life, artists are usually self taught or taught by a family member.  Most materials used in Folk Art are found objects.

Found Objects-Materials an artist might find around their house, neighborhood, or on the ground that look interesting.  A lot of found objects are often considered junk, garbage, or recyclable but many collage Folk Artists find a place for these items in their art.  

Portrait- A piece of art representing a person or animal.

Abstract Art-Art that does not represent things with pictures, but expresses the artist’s ideas.  Abstract art does not look realistic.

Collage-A piece of art made by fixing bits of paper, wood, fabric, or found objects to a surface.  

Assemblage-A work of art made of materials like wood and metal that are joined together.

Relief-a method of carving or molding in which the design is raised from the flat surface.  Think of a relief map.


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