Spring 2002 

Workshop Series 

The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation is very excited that you and your class will be visiting our gallery and education center. Your students will have the opportunity to view Folk Art created by artists throughout Kentucky, and will create two pieces of Folk Art to take home.  The exhibit you and your students will be viewing, Folk Art in the Twenty First Century, examines the many definitions of Folk Art and showcases a wide variety of works.      

Your students may complete the following activities before their visit. These educational tools are of course optional, but they were designed to prepare and familiarize your students with the exhibit and with the artwork they will be creating. Please pick the activity sheet that is age appropriate for the grade level you teach, and feel free to make adjustments to meet the needs of your students.    

List of Core Content Goals that are aligned with the Spring Work Shop series

Folk Art Vocabulary

Found Objects Portraits (recommended for k-2nd grades)

Walking Sticks (recommended for 3rd-4th grades )

Discussion Questions (recommended for 5th-8th grades)

See pictures of students participating in the Spring Workshop


For more information contact Shayne Hull,  Director of Education at (502) 589-0155 ext. 209 or shaynehull@kentuckycrafts.org

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