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Lathe-Turned Art


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Louisville is the home of the world famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat. When Hillerich and Bradsby announced plans to open a museum on Main street, a mere two blocks from our gallery, we knew we should do something special to welcome them to the neighborhood!

Bats and Bowls is the brainchild of the wonderfully talented Craig Nutt, a wood turner and furniture maker from Tennessee. Craig worked with us to hand select a group of the finest wood-turners in the US, Canada and Europe. We asked each of them to submit one their 'signature' pieces - the sort of work they were most know for. In addition, and here is where the fun began, we asked each to make a 'baseball' related piece as well. On the right we see Craig swinging his "Spudwacker" and watching the old 'spud' clear the fence. Turned from a blank of Northern White Ash, supplied by Hillerich and Bradsby, his bat takes the form of a carrot (what else) with a patty-pan squash for the knob.

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