Kentucky  Art Car Weekend 

Application Form 


2nd Annual Kentucky Art Car Weekend 2003


Title of your Car or Contraption                                                                            

Artist Owner/Contact person                                                                                



City                                               State                           Zip                              

Home phone                                                Work Phone                                     

Fax                                              Email                                                                

Artist's birthplace                                                                                                  

Type of thingamajig (circle one)

Art car



Motor Scooter


Paw Paw's Tractor

Wheeled Sculpture


Anything Else-Please specify


Do you drive your car every day?           


Please give a description of your car or thing, what it looks like, what it is made of, 

how long it took to make and other interesting info you want to share.....






Do you have a photo you can send?          Can we use it for publicity purposes?            

If so, please sign below...


I hereby give permission to KACF to use any promotional representation of my work in conjunction with the art car weekend,

Artist's Signature                                                                               



When will you arrive in Louisville?                                               

If you have friends or relatives in Louisville, will you stay with them?             

otherwise we will do our best to find you a place to stay.


Please include a  hand-written or typed note to reserve your spot in the event.  If you are interested in a travel honorarium or mileage reimbursment please reply ASAP TO HOLD A PLACE FOR YOU.  FUNDS ARE LIMITED!!!


Feel free to contact Karen Welch at (502) 589-0102 or with any questions.


Print this form and mail or fax back to: 

Kentucky Museum of Arts + Design

Attn: Karen Welch

715 West Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 589-0154 FAX



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For more information, contact Karen Welch at (502) 589-0155 ext. 207 or