The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation presents

The Glass Vessel:

An International Invitational - 2003

April 4 - July 19, 2003

Invited Opening: Thursday April 3, 2003

Public Opening: Friday, April 4, 2003


Sponsored by


                                                                                                National City

And Bill and Lindy Street


The Vessel: An Introduction

In April 2000 to celebrate the Millennium, the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation mounted the exhibition “Millennium Glass”, which featured 72 artists from across the globe. Because of the success of that exhibition and the overwhelming support found in the local community for contemporary studio glass, KACF is mounting a follow-up exhibition - The Glass Vessel - some three years later.


The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation has invited a broad array of glass artists, both established and emerging, to interpret the vessel. The definition of the word Vessel has been left to its loosest interpretation to encourage the artists to be as creative as they wish. Over 50 artists from Australia, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Venezuela, Latvia, and the U.S. have agreed to contribute a group of works. The participants are a mix of studio glass artists as well as commercial glass producers. This extraordinary exhibit is scheduled to open April 11, 2003, during the Kentucky Derby Festival, a time each spring when Kentucky is the focal point of the international sporting calendar. In addition to the The Glass Vessel exhibition, the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation will also be presenting a glass sculpture show featuring Rick Beck, a North Carolina artist.


 The exhibition is being planned to coincide with a major citywide initiative, Celebration of Glass 2003, including an exhibition of work by Dale Chihuly at the Glassworks gallery, a comprehensive international stained glass show sponsored by The Louisville Visual Arts Association and an exhibition being mounted by the Speed Art Museum entitled The Light Within: Glass Sculpture from Louisville Collections.






Workshops and additional programming are being planned to supplement these exhibitions. We have invited Klaus Moje, Dante Marioni, Rich Royal and others to Kentucky to work in the studios at Glassworks and with Stephen Powell at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky during the run of the exhibition.


The participating artists include: Paula Bartron, William Bernstein, John Brekke, Bill Boysen, Sydney Cash, Scott Chaseling, Dan Clayman, Sonia Dhimer, Miriam Silvia DiFiore, Linda Fifield, Bert Frijns, Mieke Groot, Brian Hirst, Niyoko Ikuta, Edward Kirshner, Toshikazo Kobayashi, Warren Langley, Marvin Lipofsky, Jessica Loughlin, Dante Marioni, Patrick Martin, Massimo Micheluzzi, Klaus Moje, Carlo Moretti, Jane Morrisey, Nick Mount, Anda Munkevica, Koharu Nakamura, Joel Philip Myers, Etsuko Nishi, Roger Parramore, Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Poole, Ronald Pennell, Stephen Powell, Karim Rashid, Colin Reid, Che Rhodes, Maria Grazia Rosin, Rene Roubicek, Tommie Rush, Gizela Sabokova, Joyce Scott, Lisabeth Sterling, Lino Tagliapietra, Pamina Traylor, Leonel Valdespino, Mary Van Cline, James Watkins, Shinji Yonehara, and Toots Zynsky.