Artists List Linda Fifield Earht, Water, Wind, Fire #13, 2001
Vessels Exhibition glass beads over turned wood vessel, 7"x 4"
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Fire on the Mountain # 5, 2001



"Artistic commitment is a way of life, a continuation of a family's tradition of craftsmanship. Generations of women in my family have made hand work an integral part of the daily rhythm of life."

For twenty-five years, Linda has been striving to perfect an ancient netting stitch using Czechoslovakian glass seed beads and nylon thread. She constructs these beaded "skins" over hollow wood vessels that she turns from Appalachian hardwood gathered from her 250-acre backyard. (From this environment she also gathers more inspiration than she can keep up with; she has never had an artist's block.)

The precision of the intricate stitch creates a pebbled, tactile surface that's sensuous to the touch while the rhythm of beading and necessary attention to minute detail brings about a clarity of mind akin to meditation.

Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, Wisconsin.



 Photo Credit: Jack Fifield