Artists List Colin Reid Untitled #R1066, 2001
Vessels Exhibition kiln formed optical glass, gilded 11" x 11"
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Untitled, R011045, 2001

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900, 2000


Untitled, R011044, 2001

If I were to identify a single thread that runs through my work it would be nature.  That is the source to which I return for inspiration and fresh material for my work. Stone, weathered wood, sand, all feature. I work in kilncast glass, using various moulding techniques to make the forms and moulds in which I cast my glass. I currently work mainly in optical glass because I like its purity.  Firings are long, three weeks is typical, so I can get thickness and depth.  When the piece comes out of the kiln it is only the start of the making process.  There is much cold work to be done, grinding, polishing, and sandblasting.  The pieces evolve and change at this stage as I respond to what has come out of the kiln.  Chance plays its part.  The tension between what is planned and controlled and what is unexpected can be both creative and disastrous.  I donít open the kiln if I am having a bad day.

The quality I am after is elusive, impossible to describe, but I know it when I see it. 


Colin Reid

Photo Credit: Colin Reid