Artists List Anna Munkevica
Vessels Exhibition
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It is transparent and eccentric, where a form is created not only by an exterior plane and light, which reflects, but also by an interior forms which unveils a structure of the object, a skeleton. The form gains its inspiration from a cradling of boat, a backbone.

Conditionally, it might be a transparent building, a transparent construction, which obliges you to have a look deeper inside the form. Kind of X-raying, a wish to see deeper. It’s an invitation to have a closer look.  

In this world  

We are going along the roof of the hell
And we are delighted about flowers

Meditation……… Why I am again and again returning to the glass …….    Who will overcome?  Fragile and hard.  Private dialog with the glass. Intimacy with the material. The more together the more there is to search and to discover.

The heat shines

in the eyes of stone

and a tree.

Even the glass…


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