Linda Arbuckle 

Elizabeth Barret 

Akira Blount

Akira Blount "Sail"

Elizabeth Brim

Edwina Bringle

Jane Burch Cochran

Jane Burch Cochran "For Dilsey"

Christine Federighi

Robyn Horn

 Rachel Nash Law

Sponsored by PNC Advisors and Individual Southern Women of Influence

Throughout the last century, Southern women have asserted themselves in positions of leadership within the arts, and have heightened arts awareness throughout the country. In the upcoming group exhibition Southern Women of Influence: An Exhibition and Celebration, the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation (KACF) will highlight the careers of many diverse and outstanding artists, writers, filmmakers and administrators. The exhibition will also demonstrate the depth and importance of the featured women’s long-lasting contributions to society.

Through their roles as educators and artists, dedicated women from the region are innovators while maintaining a sense of history. Southern Women of Influence will include award-winning documentaries by Kentucky film maker Elizabeth Barrett of Appalshop, musician and Kentucky treasure Jean Ritchie, and Native American-influenced sculpture by Floridian Christine Federighi. These and the other women included in Southern Women of Influence share their talent with the public in ways that both enrich and enlighten the lives of those around them.

Besides being an exhibition, the show is also designed to be a celebration. "We are celebrating not only the obvious artistic talent of these women, but also the further commitment that each has shown to her art form," says show curator Brion Clinkingbeard. "Whether through teaching, curating, or expanding the vocabulary of the art form, each of these women inspires others to experience the world in vibrant and exciting ways."

In order to highlight the work of other women in the community as well, KACF will feature a "Southern Women of Influence List." This list will honor women whose achievements have been "influential": from musicians to moms, CEOs to community leaders, the roles these women have played are as diverse as the women themselves. The "Southern Women of Influence List" also helps sponsor the exhibition: for each name appearing on the list, the sponsor contributes $100 to support Southern Women of Influence.

"A unique part of this list," says KACF Executive Director Mary Miller, "is that many women have also chosen to honor other important women in their lives. From mothers, daughters, teachers, and role models-you can see how many different ways women influence others. We've even had some men contribute in the names of the important women in their lives." At the opening reception for the exhibition all honored women will be recognized, and their names will appear on the donor wall throughout the run of the exhibition. Jewelry designer Carlton Ridge has also designed a one-of-a-kind magnolia pin to be premiered at the opening.

                               Participating artists:

Linda Arbuckle, Elizabeth Barret, Sallie Bingham, Sandra Blain, Akira Blount, Elizabeth Brim, Cynthia Bringle, Elizabeth Bringle, Jane Burch Cochran, Christine Federighi, Sarah Gorham, Gwen Heffner, Robyn Horn, Rachel Nash Law, Vita Marie Lovett, Estella Conwill Majozo, Bobbie Ann Mason, Elizabeth Mears, Jane Peiser, Jean Ritchie, Billie Ruth Sudduth, Michele Tuegel



      Vita Marie Lovett     Elizabeth Mears            Jane Peiser