Kentuckiana, Basketball and all that Noise

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September 6 - October 27, 2001


Basketball, a game invented by James Naismith with a soccer ball and a peach basket in 1891, is an inescapable part of Kentuckianaís social fabric, a part of the regionís most passionate pastime and heated topic of debate. 

It represents a slice of Kentuckiana's social fabric, right up there with horseracing, bourbon and the Indy 500. From the American Basketball Association's Kentucky Colonels to the heated rivalry between U of L and UK, our basketball heritage is built on the persistence of loyal fans, the doggedness of local heroes, and some really superb ball playing!

 We felt that what better way to celebrate Kentucky traditions then by pairing together two of our most recognizable of exports:  art and our own brand of hoopla fanaticism.

Lona Northerner necklace



Exhibition Opening



Larry Beisler, Barb and Bob Cheever, Tommy Ray Clark, Chris Dayman, Wayne Ferguson, Chad Henle,  Craig Kaviar, John King, Shawn Lee, Lonnie & Twyla Money, Lona Northerner, Melvin Rowe, Doug Russell, Scott Scarboro, Rusty Schnur, Dennis Shaffner, Jonathan Stokes, Dan Torpey



Scott Scarboro

Doug Russell clock, Bob & Barb Cheever stained glass

Larry Beisler

Sweet Sixteen by Dennis Shaffner

Bob and Barb Cheever