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Holidazzle: A Winter Wonderland 

Sponsored by Brown-Forman Corporation

November 8 - December 29, 2001

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 7, 2001, 5:00-7:30 pm

The Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation’s Shands Gallery is proud to present the 6th annual exhibition Holidazzle: A Holiday Wonderland, sponsored by Brown-Forman Corporation. Every year KACF invites artists and artisans from all over Kentucky to create fine handmade craft items for this very special exhibition. All objects in the show will be available for sale, which provides our community with a special opportunity to procure that special, one-of-a-kind gift item for loved ones during the holiday season. “We have invited a wonderful selection of artists, covering the wide spectrum of craft media,” says Deputy Director of Programming Brion Clinkingbeard. “There will be folk art, quilts, baskets, turned wood objects, ceramics, glass, jewelry, loom-worked clothing and wall-hangings, ornaments, and much more, all handmade in Kentucky by skilled crafts people.”

Over 75 extremely talented artists have been invited to participate, including Melvin Rowe, Wayne Ferguson, Lona Northener,  Jamison Brumm, Dan Torpey, Chris Dayman, Michelle Coakes, Gwen Heffner, Buford Cobb, Wyman Rice, Mary Craik, Jane Fenestra Jewelry and Greg Seigel.

“This is a great way to support local artists and the arts community, all while finding that perfect gift,” says Executive Director Mary Miller

Participating Artists:

Lisa Austin, Jan Banta, Wayne Bates, Bonnie Blinkoe, Jamison Brumm, Sheila Childress, Churchill Weavers, Tommy Ray Clark, Michelle Coakes, Buford Cobb, Teresa Cole, Country Nouveau, Mary Craik, Chris Dayman, Kim Del Re, Bob Diehl, Jane Di Teresa, Patrick Dougherty, Kyle Ellison, Amy Elswick, Jane Fenestra Jewelry, Wayne Ferguson, Paul and Patricia Ferrell, Vicki Danser Fischer, Michael Frasca, Al Fried, Ken and Sally Gasteneau, Laura George, Harriet Giles, Lena Gimbel, Gae Granville, Charles Harvey, Susan Hatcher, Gwen Heffner, Vallorie Henderson, Carolyn Hottinger, Kim Huber, Jack Jackson, Jana John, Tanya Johnson, Craig Kaviar, Terry King, Susan Lee, Satian Leksrisawat, Renee McCoy, Donna McCurry, Cheryl McKenney, Joetta Meyer, Kara Nichols, Bill Noel, Lona Northener, Susan O'Brien, Larry Oestreich, Joe Offerman, Ron Owens, Thomas Porter, Chris Ramsey, Red Shoe Jewelry, Davie Reneau, Wyman Rice, Martha,  Richard, George Rogers, Sandra Routon-Fisk, Melvin Rowe, Doug Russell, Greg Seigel, Donna Sharp, Jennifer Smith, Tommy Spake, Merinda Taylor, Dan Torpey, Geri Tucker, Bill Vassallo, Sandra Vick, Larry Watson, Kathy Werking, Meg Wilburn, Amy Willard, Yardbirds.

And many other Sales Gallery favorites.



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