Bourbon Bottles 1999

July 14 - August 28, 1999

Sponsored by:

Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson

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Asian bourbon by Fong Choo

Kentucky is famous, among other things, for its bourbon distillers and its craft artists. In 1997, we decided to combine the two into an exhibition called Bourbon Bottles. This exhibition was so well received, we are repeating the show this year.

We have invited ceramic and glass artists to create vessels in which to store and from which to dispense spirits, wine or other liquid refreshment. The only restriction is that they should be capable of being corked or have a tight fitting lid or cap, and nominally hold a standard measure of spirit (pint, fifth, quart etc).


Fong Choo, Louisville, Kentucky

thrown and carved porcelain

Review of Bourbon Bottles by Diane Heilenman of the Lousiville Courier Newspaper

Thomas Rohr Tall Bourbon Bottle and Cup

Joseph Kress Bottle

Thomas A. Rohr, Winnipeg, Canada

wood fired porcelain

Joseph Kress, Minneapolis, Minnesota

thrown and carved stoneware

"Bourbon with a twist" by Brad Schweiger (37170 bytes)

Brad Schweiger, Athens, Ohio

turned and fabricated wood fired stoneware

Laura Ross, Prospect, Kentucky

anagama fired, natural ash glaze stoneware

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