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    "If the mind was a place, it would be a garden"

                             October 20 - November 22, 2003

Lexington Arboretum - University of Kentucky, Alumni Drive, Lexington Kentucky

This exhibition is a creative collaboration between the Museum and Arboretum and is an opportunity to show the work of some of the state's finest crafts people in a non-traditional venue. The artists were selected on the basis of the quality of their work and a belief that the work would have a sympathetic relationship to the mission of the arboretum by reflecting the use of natural materials or subject matter in its execution.

Participating artists: Wayne Bates, Dave Caudill, Golman Crabtree, Mary Craik, Justine Dennis, Jack Fifield, Linda Fifield, Susan Goldstein, Louise Halsey, Lewis Haynes, Craig Kaviar, Marianna McDonald, Joe Molinaro, Darcelle Pechter, Susan Pfeiffer, Chris Ramsey, Robin Reed, Wyman Rice, Peter Rockwell, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Dennis Shaffner and John Whitesell.

Dave Caudill is the Arboretum's 2003 Visiting Artist.  His work titled, "Spirit Rising" is installed at the Arboretum entrance, and he most recently created and installed an integrated sculpture and handrail system for UK's Singletary Center for the Arts. A former UK student, he was born in Corbin and maintains his home and studio in Louisville.

Wayne Bates, Large Floral Bowl

Porcelain, carved $350

18" diam x 4" deep

Wayne Bates, Large Platter

Porcelain, carved $160

16" diam

Joe Molinaro, Serving Dish

Glazed stoneware, $150

Joe Molinaro, Untitled 1, Untitled 2

Hand-formed ceramic, Anagama fired, $250 each

appx 16" x 13" x 7"

David Caudill, Bouquet

Stainless steel sculpture, $4,000

7' x 5' x 8"

Louise Halsey, Coastal Variations

Hand woven wall hanging, $300

appx 6' x 27"

Mary Craik, Field of Lilies

Computer printed image on silk, pieces and quilted $1,000

42" x 27" appx

Golman Crabtree, Bird and 2 Snake Cane

Carved and painted wood, $375

37" x 4" x 1"

Susan Pfeiffer, Chest #2

Oak, Burl walnut, carved and constructed, $1,700

26" x 14" x 14" appx

Susan Goldstein, Large Bowl

Handformed ceramic, $300

19" x 12" x 7" appx

Susan Goldstein, Blown Tray

Handformed ceramic, $150

17" x 11" x 2" appx

Susan Goldstein, Bowl with Twisted Edges

Handformed ceramic, $100

13" x 11" x 5" appx

Wyman Rice, Dragonfly Vase

Rake, $65

9" diam x 3" appx

Wyman Rice, Heron Vase

Raku, $65

9" diam x 3" appx

Wyman Rice, Lidded Bowl with Fish

Raku, $60

Wyman Rice, Fiddlehead Vase

Raku, $60

9" x 7" diam

Darcelle Pechter, Stallion, Newborn, Thorobred

Baling Wire Sculptures, $125, $165, $49.50

sizes various

John Whitesell, Cinnabar

Digital ink print, $400

24" x 24" framed