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Mary and Rev. Alfred Shands Gallery

Master Makers: Marvin Finn

January 19 - March 4, 2000

Sponsored by
Texas Gas Transmission Corporation

Marvin is undeniably one of the treasures of Louisville. This unassuming, gentle man creates wonderful, exotic, brightly painted animals from the simplest of found objects, wood and paint. His desire to create toys stems back to a childhood where he had none. He grew up with a father who carved canes and buggy wheels with spokes, so Finn began making toys from an early age. His work ranges from large mixed media engines, trucks and cranes to plywood animals. Their most striking feature is the elaborate and meticulous way that he paints them with dots and dashes and flashes of color against a solid color background

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Hidden Talents: The Art of Those Who Teach

March 15 - April 22, 2000


There is a vast, unappreciated resource of artists working outside of the public view in the art departments of the colleges and universities of Kentucky. Often their work is only seen by their immediate peers in academia, although others, such as Arturo Sandoval of the University of Kentucky, enjoy a national reputation. The show will include potters, furniture makers, fiber artists, painters, printmakers and photographers
Millennium Glass:
An International Survey of Studio Glass

April 28 - July 8, 2000



This invitational exhibition will be co-curated by glass artist, Stephen Powell, studio glass collector, Adele Leight, and  curator, Brion Clinkingbeard, who have identified 69  of the world's finest glass artists, each of whom have been invited to produce a special "Millennium" work specifically for this exhibition. The participating artists include Stanislav Libensky, Frederick BIrkhill, Richard Marquis, Preston Singletary,  Lino Tagliapietra and Dante Marioni, to name a few. Ours will be a spectacular celebration of studio glass in a salute to the millennium! Ginny Ruffner is a master of the art of "Flamworking"

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A Sense of Style, A Sense of Place: National Photography Invitational

July 28 - September 2, 2000

Guest Curator: Paul Paletti

This exhibition will consist of photographic works by artists employing traditional and non-traditional techniques. The particular chosen pieces will evoke a sense of geography or particular regions of the world. Each of the photographs employs a distinctive style or process in creating these works, and many employ alternative processes. These processes include photogravures, platinum prints, hand coloring and computer generated prints. Susan Fenton, Kenro Izu, Shelby Lee Adams, Richard Arentz, Phil Borges, Madoka Takagi, Lynn Geesaman, Pedro Meyer, Mary Van Cline

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Women of Taste: A Collaboration Celebrating Quilt Artists and Chefs*

September 13 - October 28, 2000

A Smithsonian Institution Touring Exhibition

The Women of Taste invitational quilt project matched 51 women quilt artists with 51 prominent women chefs and culinary entrepreneurs. The pairings collaborated in creating 50 contemporary art quilts based on personal and professional ideas about food, family, and careers. The traveling exhibition itself has been divided into halves; we will be hosting the section featuring contemporary Kentucky quilt artist, Jane Burch Cochran, collaborating with former Louisvillian, chef Kathy Cary.

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Holidazzle 2000: Clay Wonderland

November 8 - December 30, 2000

Opening Reception - Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Sponsored by 

Brown-Forman Corporation

Ever wondered what a teapot for two-hundred would look like? How about a saucer fit for a sultan? A vast vase? A cup for the whole crew? Find out at the Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery’s annual Holidazzle show, which this year features objects in a Clay Wonderland. This exhibition is guaranteed to bring out the kid in anyone, delighting with both whimsy and beauty.

Downstairs Gallery



Satian Leksrisawat & Linda Butler

January 15 - February 26, 2000


Photographer Linda Butler has deep roots in Kentucky. She will show a combination of photographic landscapes, much of will be familiar to the viewer from her three books, Rural Japan Radiance, Italy in the Shadow of Time and Inner Light, a book set at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. In addition, she will present some more recent Kentucky landscapes.

Satian Leksrisawat is a potter from Brooks, Kentucky. He produces an elegant line of functional pottery with simple, clean elegant lines. He is best known to Kentuckians for his one-of-a-kind vessels which he finishes with a crystalline glaze. This time-consuming process results in crystalline clusters of various shapes and sizes which are embedded in an otherwise more uniform glaze, leaving the pot with a rich, lustrous finish.

Typical crystalline glaze vessel by Satian Leksrisawat

Whirlpoo.l by Linda Butler

Susan Pfeiffer & Kate Noye

March 4 - April 8, 2000


Susan creates beautiful boxes of exotic woods embellished with semi-precious stones and metals. Kate Noye is one of the more innovative young jewelers working in Kentucky

Caitlin McClanahan & Penny Sisto

July 19 - August 26, 2000


Jewelry artist Caitlin McClanahan creates works in silver and semi-precious stones to enhance the figure as well as furniture fixtures and fittings. Penny Sisto is a fiber artist who creates dramatic, figural, sometimes autobiographical wall hangings using a variety of quilting, sewing and painting techniques.

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Bourbon Bottles

September 9 - October 28, 2000


Distilling is one of the arts of Kentucky and to compliment the process we have challenged ceramic and glass artists to create vessels in which to store and from which to dispense bourbon, reflecting their own unique and creative styles of working 3_bots.jpg (176700 bytes)
Jack Fifield & Susan O'Brien

Wednesday November 9 - Saturday December 30, 2000

Opening Reception - Wednesday, November 8, 2000

The combination of Jack Fifield’s stunning handcrafted wood vessels and Susan O’Brien’s highly ornamental, playful ceramic pots, cups and containers demonstrates perfectly the intermingling of function and form. Both artists are very attuned to the importance of craftsmanship: as a wood turner, Fifield works in a medium requiring great technical skill, and O’Brien herself comments on her "nostalgia for craftsmanship." Both also create objects which might be viewed as functional, and which would be equally at home on a dinner table or a gallery pedestal.



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