Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation on Historic West Main Street

1999 Exhibition Schedule

Mary and Rev. Alfred Shands Gallery

Master Makers: 

Ron Isaacs

January 13 - February 27

Opening Reception - January 13, 1999

With gallery representation in New York and works in major private and public collections, Ron Isaacs is one of Kentucky's best know artists. His trompe l'oeil works are masterpieces of illusion and highlight his exquisite control over both materials and colors.

isaacs_1.jpg (8492 bytes)

Horsin' Around

March 10 - May 2

Opening Reception -  March 10, 1999

Horses are an inextricable part of the life, legend and lore of Kentucky - from early days of frontier settlement to the annual celebrations associated with the Kentucky Derby and the run for the roses. Horsin' Around will be an exhibition that celebrates the equestrian spirit of the Commonwealth through creative artistic expression. We will be inviting artists to create functional and decorative works of art.

Horsin' Around will be a fun-filled, extravaganza, worthy of the Bluegrass State.

15 Years on Main Street: Kentucky Crafts                 1984 - 1999

May 12 - July 10

Opening Reception - May 12, 1999

Since 1984 the Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery has been open to the public, mounting exhibitions celebrating the best work being produced by craft artists in the state of Kentucky. Some were serious, some were light-hearted, all were done with the underlying knowledge that artists are special people and what they create with their skill and their imagination is worth celebrating. 15 Years on Main Street is an exhibition that brings back many of our favorite artists and art objects, culled from over more than 150 exhibitions.

Linvel Barker's 'Cat'

Explorations In Metal

July 21 - September 4

Opening Reception -  July 21, 1999

From the earliest days of the village smithy, metalwork, both functional and decorative, has been an integral part of Kentucky's art and craft heritage. Whether using hammer and forge or pliers and blade, whether employing gold and silver or iron and steel, there is a wealth of talent among the current generation of craft artists in the state making jewelry, furniture, vessels, sculpture and creating architectural works.

Kentucky African American Folk Artists

September 15 - October 30

Opening  -  September 15, 1999

A touring exhibition organized by the Kentucky Folk Art Center, Inc. Features work by eight artists: Joan Dance, Marvin Finn, Willie Masey, Mark Anthony Mulligan, Helen LaFrance Orr, Willie Rascoe, Charles Williams and Lavon Williams.

Within, by Willie Rascoe, 1995 - Wood, copper, Animal Hoof and Paint

Republic Bank Holidazzle: National Silver Invitational

November 10 - January 8

Opening Reception - November 10, 1999

Republic Bank Holidazzle will be a national showcase of the exciting and innovative work being produced by metal smiths currently working. We will include both functional and decorative works, from one-of-kind tea-pots, ewers, bowls, candelabra, platters, to production jewelry and accessories. Lonna Keller Silver Massage neckpiece

Downstairs Gallery

Tiles and Basins

January 6 - February 20

Opening Reception - Wednesday - January 13, 1999

The work of artists and artisans embellishes and enhances our living spaces, both in functional and decorative ways. We have asked artists to create decorative tiles, for use around fireplaces, in entry halls, kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, we have challenged ceramic and glass artists to make basins and sinks, special one-of-a-kind works of art.

Yergre Andre               Kymber Henson - Ceramics & Fiber

March 3 - April 25

Opening Reception - March 10, 1999

Kymber Henson, from northern Kentucky, uses block printing, resist-painting with gutta and cold wax, direct painting with dyes and pigments on silk, rayon and silk blends. She has twice exhibited work at the American Craft Museum and regularly shows her art at Galleries in Massachusetts and New York.

Kentucky's Best: New Works from Old Friends

May 5 - July 3

Opening Reception -  May 10, 1999

In celebration of our 15 year history on Main Street, we have mounted a retrospective exhibition of works that have featured in past exhibitions. To compliment this exhibition, New Works from Old Friends will feature a select number of artists from past exhibitions whom we have invited to create special new works for sale. Some of the artists included will be : Rude Osolnik, Wayne Ferguson, Tom Pfannerstill, Laura Ross, Alma Lesch, Arturo Sandoval, Marvin Finn, Tim Hall and Ron King.

Bourbon Bottles

July 14 - August 28, 1999

Opening Reception - July 21, 1999


Sponsored by:

Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson

Distilling is one of the arts of Kentucky and to compliment the process we have challenged ceramic and glass artists to create vessels in which to store and from which to dispense bourbon, reflecting their own unique and creative styles of working. Featuring: Bob Cheever, Fong Choo, Steven Driver, Wayne Ferguson, Sarah Frederick, Michael Hamlin, Rebecca Harvey, Gwen Heffner, Barbara Humpage, Walter Hyleck, Joseph Kress, Matt Long, Judy Miner, Brian Newton,Jeremy Popelka, Trent Ripley, Thomas Rohr, Laura Ross, Gail Russell, Brad Schweiger, Dan Selter, Steve Smith, and Michael Tiller.

Thomas Rohr bourbon bottle and cup.

Greg Williams - Wood

September 8 - October 23

Opening Reception -  September 15, 1999

Greg Williams is a craftsman whose work graces the desks, sideboards, dressers and vanities of people across the country. Best know for his beautifully detailed and finished functional boxes, Williams also creates unique pieces of furniture from his studio in southern Kentucky.

Kentucky Jewelry

November 3 - January 1, 2000

Opening Reception - November 10, 1999

. Jewelers in Kentucky are inventive and active, working in silver, gold, semiprecious and non-precious metals and other materials. We have invited artists to create works in a wide range of styles and prices to suit all tastes and pocketbooks